Monday, January 30, 2012

Chemistry class is an explosion

Story time. I'm in my chemistry class today and my professor is instructing us on gas laws. He's going into depth on boyle's law and begins giving gives us a demonstration. Now I'm sure all of you will be familiar with putting to a flame to a balloon filled with hydrogen rather than helium. That's what's going on in the picture. Anyway today I'm sitting next to a middle eastern student. My professor pauses for dramatic effect, and then puts the torch to the balloon. BOOM I captured the blast with my shitty lg rumor 2 phone. The middle eastern guy I'm sitting next to me turns to me and says, "Terrorists win."
mfw, lol


  1. Haha that is an awesome professor. I would never of been able to capture that in time.

  2. Mean I remember my science teacher doing this, we got a lot of looks from the other classes. We thought it would be great fun to do let them off outside the second floor windows which had classes in them.
    Great blog so far! Can't wait for more

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