Thursday, March 29, 2012

Helloooooo oh and Portal 2

Hey everybody!

I realize it's been a very long time since I last blogged. I've been a little put off of it for a while.

My life's been going well. A few things: I passed Calculus class with a 70.1%! Awww yeah maybe not the best grade but C's get degrees ya know what I'm saying? Lol

Currently I have the pleasure of enjoying my spring break off from school, back home with my friends. It's a good feeling.

I've been playing a lot of League, Dota 2, etc. etc. but I also bought Portal 2!
I thoroughly enjoyed Portal 1, so I was very excited about Portal 2. So far it's been fun, with a great storyline and the same witty humor that I enjoyed from the original game. I definitely feel like it was worth the 10 dollars I spent for it on a Steam sale. If you guys haven't played it, but enjoyed Portal 1, definitely consider checking it out. :)

I've been feeling good about my life recently, have no worries. Maybe I'll blog more again soon. We'll see.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blegh Roommate Issues

After spending a lot of time around someone, it's often the case that they may start irritating you.

Sometimes I love my roommate, but sometimes he can really start to grind my gears. Blegh. I wish it wasn't the case, but it often is when you spend most of your time around one person. Spring Break needs to get here already, so that we can go home and and refresh ourselves, and then when we come back to our dorm we won't be irritated with one another.

So I was solving my rubiks cube for another friend that lives down the hall when my roommate, Tresdin, told him how easy it is to find the "equations" online. No one that I have ever met that has talked about the steps they use to solve a rubiks cube refers to them as "equations". Most people call them "algorithms". So I explained to Tresdin that they are not equations, but rather algorithms. He told me it doesn't matter because they mean the same thing. I think that's wrong too, but I humored him and said that if that was the case, we were both right and both wrong. He said that he never said I was wrong, and that I was the first to point my finger at him.

And now he went to class and I desperately want to do research on whether or not equation = algorithm (which I did already) just so I can argue it to him. But I get the feeling that he would just tell me he doesn't care. Still it's frustrating. He will argue his point and then when I try to argue my side, he'll just tell me that I'm wrong and if I try to insist that I'm right, he'll tell me he doesn't care. But he obviously does care, or else he wouldn't disagree with me in the first place.

I probably sound like a little bitch. I'm probably being a little bitch. I'm just irritated.
Tresdin is interesting... He went through a breakup recently, almost a 4 year breakup. He barely talks to me about it. It's just weird, sometimes I think we're friends, and sometimes I feel like he hardly considers me close at all. I'm here for him if he would open up. But I guess he doesn't want to. I need to respect his choice.

His mood is always changing, which I should expect based on his recent breakup.
I should just stop complaining, but it's good to get it out I suppose.

So today is my birthday which is pretty cool. I haven't blogged in a while and kind of frustrated with it still since Google Adsense disabled my account. That 80 dollars I "made" does not exist.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday time already!

Today is Friday, which is excellent timing. I was getting ready for a weekend. My week was pretty busy, but I got done with most of my homework and my speech went well, which was very satisfying. :)
I've been playing a lot of League of Legends with my friends. I'm still playing a lot of Dota 2, but the LoL is fun since I actually have real life friends that will play it with me constantly. 
Tonight in Dota 2 I played bloodseeker against a team with antimage and akasha. Basically I should of raped them because Bloodseeker's ultimate is Rupture, which deals damage to heroes based on how much they move. Both Akasha and Antimage have blink abilities which teleports them a good range, and thus deals extremely high damage to them should they try to escape after Bloodseeker ruptures one of them. Bloodseeker is basically a shut-down counterpick to heroes who blink, but for some reason I have never been able to play him well, even in Dota 1. The other part of it was my whole team left the game, so it was just me alone against a whole team. Unfortunately I was not fed enough to take them on full rambo-mode, so I was defeated. 

Something exciting for tonight: Big ole' LAN party in my dorm hall! Hopefully my friends and I can play some games versus some other people, should be fun!

This is bloodseeker by the way. He's a beast.
Happy Friday!
And also a funny dota related picture :P

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Moar Homework

Today I'm working on more chemistry homework and finally writing my speech that I have to give tomorrow. I have the outline written down so I just need to make note cards. My friends keep trying to get me to play League of Legends with them but I gotta get my priorities straight.

The speech I'm giving is a 5 minute speech on outsourcing. Wish me luck!
Other than that stuff my days gone pretty well. Classes went well!

Have a good one everybody!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday time

It's Monday! I had a pretty good day. I don't have much to blog about today. I have Homework in all my classes. My friends are playing League of Legends right now in my dorm room but I have to finish some Nuclear Engineering homework I have to do. We're learning about plotting data in a program called Matlab. I made a three dimensional spiral thing required for my homework assignment.
It was pretty easy after I finally figured it out.
My blog entry is going to be pretty short today because I don't have a lot of stuff to talk about.

Overall life's good. This quarter is going to be over soon for me. Next week is dead week, then we have finals and SPRING BREAK! There's something to look forward to! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Misfits is a British sci-fi/comedy/drama television show that focuses on a group of young adults doing community service for everything from buying/selling illegal drugs to stealing candy from a vending machine. A mysterious storm hits which grants people interesting powers. The writers are simply brilliant. Everyone that I've told about this show in my real life so far that has watched it told me how much they enjoyed it. My friends, neighbors, hell even my own father. I watch the show on Hulu, but I'm sure you can also find it other places if you look. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Homework vs video games

In the one corner we have the nightmare of college students. The boring, tedious, and otherwise uninteresting work that has to be completed outside of class -- HOMEWORK! In the other corner we have the exciting and fun distraction called VIDEO GAMES. This will truly be a match worth seeing tonight, folks.
Oh, what's this? The video games has already won the match! He has subdued the homework, and is now the clear victor of this fight!

The story above would probably have been my weekend if I had chosen to take part in a campus wide LAN party. I would have had tons of fun, but I also wouldn't have gotten any homework done this weekend. Hopefully I won't later regret this choice.

Recently my nuclear engineering professor gave us a homework assignment. Many of the problems come from the book, which I don't have. Since my professor had offered a pdf file of the photocopied homework questions from the book for a previous homework assignment, I inquired if he would do this again. His response was, "No, it's your guy's responsibility to get the textbook on your own." I stated that I had been trying to buy the book from the book store, but they had ran out at the start of the term, and I had placed a special order which they never sent out and must of lost. "Well then you'll have to share with someone else that has the book, you have friends in this class."

I asked a few people who either didn't have the book them self or couldn't help me. Finally I sent out a message to all nuclear engineering freshman explaining my situation. I got an email that was from my the department head sending a reply to my message to my professor, saying "I got this message from one of your students, could you help him out?"

The very next email in my inbox was from my professor, attached was the homework assignments from the book photocopied into a pdf file. I found it kind of funny that my teacher had changed his mind, probably because I got his superior involved. My professor is just a grad student himself working on doctorate's degree.

So now I can finally do all of my homework! Hooray!

I checked out the LAN party. It would of been A LOT of fun. Everywhere I looked was just rows and rows of computers running Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Tribes Ascend, League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft and other great games.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Friday and a Minecraft update

It's Friday! I have a lot of homework for this weekend but I'm still excited for it to be the end of the week. I just finished eating a delicious Reuben pastrami sandwich from a local sandwich shop with a dark chocolate chip cookie and a soda... Mmmm

I've played some Tribes: Ascend today which was really fun. If I am in a game with noobs I purposely try not to target the noobs and go for the harder kills / more experienced players that are more of a match for me, because I don't want the newbies to get discouraged from playing Tribes.

I've also played more Minecraft. My underwater fortress is going to take a looooong time to complete. I measured the dimensions today. It is 20 cubes deep into the water, with a total length of 64 and a width of 42. All together 20*64*42=53,760 blocks to fill it all in. I have to fill it in so that the water will go away. It's going to take a while, but hopefully I'll finish it sometime. Currently I am about 1/4 done.

It is really cool to have built something so big that it appears on the map as a grey box.

Also here is a silly picture where I found a place that had rain stop. The game only puts rain into one part of the map at a time, so here I am on the edge. I thought it was funny.

Happy Friday everybody! :D
Here's my dinner, another pizza we made!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fun in the snow

It snowed tonight. After finishing a Dota 2 game with Ursa I joined my friends outside. We walked over to another dorm hall where there was a crowd of people gathering outside in the snow. We each took turns trying to throw snowballs into dorm room windows of kids who were egging us on, telling us to hit them, let them catch it, etc. A few cars came by which were of course nailed with snow balls.
Finally a police officer drove by, but when he spoke to us he was very polite and told us that it was okay to have fun, but we shouldn't throw snowballs at windows in case we caused any damages. My friends and I left around that time.

On the walk back to our dorm hall a campus security vehicle drove by slowly, one of the windows rolled down, and a snowball came flying in our direction. The car drove off to quickly, and we chased it fruitlessly. I thought it was great that the campus security had joined in the fun of throwing snowballs.

I didn't bring my phone for any pictures, but it was way to dark anyway.
It was a great adventure to end my day, now it's time for sleep because I am one of the people with an 8 am class tomorrow!