Monday, January 30, 2012

Late night on the internet

It's about 1 am at night. I'm very tired, should be going to bed soon, but of course instead I'm on the internet, browsing some forums. I find an oc (original content) thread. Here are some real posts, this thread made my night:

"Someone please request something my drawboner is aching right now"
Me: "Lindsey Lohan backwards crabwalking into the sun" And yes, it was delivered

Later that night included even more obscure and strange things such as the following requests:

"Someone draw Zoidberg in a fist fight with Newt Gingrich"

And finally my personal favorite: "a gentleman remoraid with a gold pocketwatch dressed as a McDonald's employee set to the background of a busy NYC day except everyone is a girafe with a sweatervest"

This time with one that I actually drew:

I love the internet.

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