Saturday, March 3, 2012

Homework vs video games

In the one corner we have the nightmare of college students. The boring, tedious, and otherwise uninteresting work that has to be completed outside of class -- HOMEWORK! In the other corner we have the exciting and fun distraction called VIDEO GAMES. This will truly be a match worth seeing tonight, folks.
Oh, what's this? The video games has already won the match! He has subdued the homework, and is now the clear victor of this fight!

The story above would probably have been my weekend if I had chosen to take part in a campus wide LAN party. I would have had tons of fun, but I also wouldn't have gotten any homework done this weekend. Hopefully I won't later regret this choice.

Recently my nuclear engineering professor gave us a homework assignment. Many of the problems come from the book, which I don't have. Since my professor had offered a pdf file of the photocopied homework questions from the book for a previous homework assignment, I inquired if he would do this again. His response was, "No, it's your guy's responsibility to get the textbook on your own." I stated that I had been trying to buy the book from the book store, but they had ran out at the start of the term, and I had placed a special order which they never sent out and must of lost. "Well then you'll have to share with someone else that has the book, you have friends in this class."

I asked a few people who either didn't have the book them self or couldn't help me. Finally I sent out a message to all nuclear engineering freshman explaining my situation. I got an email that was from my the department head sending a reply to my message to my professor, saying "I got this message from one of your students, could you help him out?"

The very next email in my inbox was from my professor, attached was the homework assignments from the book photocopied into a pdf file. I found it kind of funny that my teacher had changed his mind, probably because I got his superior involved. My professor is just a grad student himself working on doctorate's degree.

So now I can finally do all of my homework! Hooray!

I checked out the LAN party. It would of been A LOT of fun. Everywhere I looked was just rows and rows of computers running Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Tribes Ascend, League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft and other great games.


  1. Lol, me and my classmates did the same thing once to our Business Studies teacher in high school, unintentional of course. It was nearly final exams for semester 1 and she refused to give us any indication on what to revise.

    So we asked around other Business students and ones that already graduated by email for help and any sheets that they could give us. Somehow the email got to the head master, an investigation was done and we got a revision sheet 2 weeks later lol!

    I feel your pain brother.

    1. Hahaha that's great. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Whaaat campus wide LAN party? Why can't my school have that :(

  3. i hate that, when the book store doesn't stock enough copies for all the students. At my school, usually the library will have a copy or two of all required textbooks though