Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blegh Roommate Issues

After spending a lot of time around someone, it's often the case that they may start irritating you.

Sometimes I love my roommate, but sometimes he can really start to grind my gears. Blegh. I wish it wasn't the case, but it often is when you spend most of your time around one person. Spring Break needs to get here already, so that we can go home and and refresh ourselves, and then when we come back to our dorm we won't be irritated with one another.

So I was solving my rubiks cube for another friend that lives down the hall when my roommate, Tresdin, told him how easy it is to find the "equations" online. No one that I have ever met that has talked about the steps they use to solve a rubiks cube refers to them as "equations". Most people call them "algorithms". So I explained to Tresdin that they are not equations, but rather algorithms. He told me it doesn't matter because they mean the same thing. I think that's wrong too, but I humored him and said that if that was the case, we were both right and both wrong. He said that he never said I was wrong, and that I was the first to point my finger at him.

And now he went to class and I desperately want to do research on whether or not equation = algorithm (which I did already) just so I can argue it to him. But I get the feeling that he would just tell me he doesn't care. Still it's frustrating. He will argue his point and then when I try to argue my side, he'll just tell me that I'm wrong and if I try to insist that I'm right, he'll tell me he doesn't care. But he obviously does care, or else he wouldn't disagree with me in the first place.

I probably sound like a little bitch. I'm probably being a little bitch. I'm just irritated.
Tresdin is interesting... He went through a breakup recently, almost a 4 year breakup. He barely talks to me about it. It's just weird, sometimes I think we're friends, and sometimes I feel like he hardly considers me close at all. I'm here for him if he would open up. But I guess he doesn't want to. I need to respect his choice.

His mood is always changing, which I should expect based on his recent breakup.
I should just stop complaining, but it's good to get it out I suppose.

So today is my birthday which is pretty cool. I haven't blogged in a while and kind of frustrated with it still since Google Adsense disabled my account. That 80 dollars I "made" does not exist.


  1. Ouch, getting Adsense disabled sucks.

  2. I would move out if I had an annoying roommate.

  3. Give your roommate time to heal... Ideally, you shouldn't be arguing on anything especially on small matters like the rubik's cube. Keep things on the lighter side especially if he doesn't want to share his too personal experiences. After all, having a roommate means learning to respect each other.