Monday, December 29, 2014

Holidays, Road Trips, and New York City.

Hey everybody,

I hope you all had a refreshing Christmas. The new year is fast approaching. A friend and I had an idea to drive to New York City to celebrate New Years Eve and watch the ball drop in Times Square. A quick Google Maps search later...
Yes, about 3,000 miles and 2 days of driving. My friend owns a Prius and with gas prices as low as they are ($2.50 here) it would only cost around $200 in gas round trip. It's pretty neat how we could take I-80 the entire way.

Too much travel time. Instead we'll have to settle for something close to home – Seattle, San Francisco, or Las Vegas to celebrate New Years Eve. Not bad.

Speaking of road trips, spring break is approaching. My roommate's aunt owns a timeshare in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The idea of warm beaches and tropical weather has tempted us over the years, but we gave in. This year has to be different. If no one is willing to step up and lead our band of hooligans on international road trips, I'll gladly wield the hammer, or whip, or whatever medieval weapons needed to kick some asses into gear.  

At the very least, I'll settle for Vegas. But until then, Mexico it is.

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