Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fun in the snow

It snowed tonight. After finishing a Dota 2 game with Ursa I joined my friends outside. We walked over to another dorm hall where there was a crowd of people gathering outside in the snow. We each took turns trying to throw snowballs into dorm room windows of kids who were egging us on, telling us to hit them, let them catch it, etc. A few cars came by which were of course nailed with snow balls.
Finally a police officer drove by, but when he spoke to us he was very polite and told us that it was okay to have fun, but we shouldn't throw snowballs at windows in case we caused any damages. My friends and I left around that time.

On the walk back to our dorm hall a campus security vehicle drove by slowly, one of the windows rolled down, and a snowball came flying in our direction. The car drove off to quickly, and we chased it fruitlessly. I thought it was great that the campus security had joined in the fun of throwing snowballs.

I didn't bring my phone for any pictures, but it was way to dark anyway.
It was a great adventure to end my day, now it's time for sleep because I am one of the people with an 8 am class tomorrow!


  1. Man I wish I was doing snowball fights again. I remember when me and my mates would play snowball capture the flag.

  2. playing video games days and night, but still enjoying fresh air snow battle...
    Only with more flags to capture. It's our time.

  3. Ah, I've never experienced snow before. Wish it snowed in my country.

  4. Lucky for you, he was a polite officer. It is great to have others get into the fun, for sure!