Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My lack of staples

Just got back the first homework assignment we had to do for my nuclear engineering class. It was a resubmitted copy because due to communication errors the majority of the class did not follow guidelines that are imposed for all homework assignments, resulting in most people receiving scores of 20/100. After resubmitting my homework I got a much nicer score of 93.5/100, and seeing this in the top left corner made me laugh. I would of used a staple but my stapler was empty. :P Thought a paper clip would do but I guess not! Not like I really care though, it's only half a point and now I have more staples!

My day's been going pretty well. Every once in a while I think everyone can take comfort in apathy. Take a look at all of the things stressing you right now. Stop and tell yourself that you'll get through it. Tell yourself that it's probably not a huge deal on the whole grand scheme of things. That's what I do sometimes and it definitely helps me feel better. Once I realize that I don't need to be worrying about things, I can just relax and I feel like everything goes much smoother.

Here's a song by Glitch Mob, a band that's I've been listening to a lot recently, especially while I fly around in Tribes Ascend. Enjoy, and have a nice day. :)
Thanks for reading my blog. I'll try to post Minecraft stuff soon!

P.S. I drew this while listening to this song lol. 


  1. Whaat? Minus 1/2 a point for no staple?

  2. Lol minus 0.5 points, someone's got OCD.

  3. I like your pic, I love those spontaneous moments :)

  4. Nice song, thanks.
    Too bad for the staple. staple twice the next time.