Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Calculus class today

Today my Calculus professor said to us, "I'm aware a lot of people in our class still struggle with fractions, especially long complex fractions in derivatives. To help you guys out, we are going to do some examples, yay!"
He began a calculus problem that he had written down for today's lecture. About halfway through solving the problem he had picked, he was knee deep in a fraction wasteland and asked us to calculate a number since he did not have a calculator in front of him. He looked at us, and our blank faces stared back at him. Realizing the irony of the situation, I blurted out, "You brought this upon yourself!" He agreed and smiled, the class laughed, and we hastily moved on, as if he accepted that these kind of calculus problems were indeed tedious. Good times. He's a funny guy. :)


  1. hah my math teacher last semester had a similar sense of humor

  2. haha always nice to have good professors