Saturday, February 18, 2012

Someone pulled the fire alarm

So everyone had to go outside at 2 o clock in the morning, wait for the firetrucks to pull up, and then wait for a thorough search of the building to commence. All just because some guy pulled a fire alarm. But I was still up. I was up playing Minecraft, working on the underwater fortress project. Feels good to know that I didn't have climb out of bed to get dressed, I was already good to go, unlike almost everyone else on my floor!

My eardrums are still ringing. I should go to sleep, it's about 4am here, lol. Night night


  1. Yup, your post time says it all. Anyway, get some rest mate. On second though, nah, it's the weekend. No harm in sleeping in is there? :D

  2. Hey, I was there! haha, that really sucked! luckily i was walking a friend home anyways!

  3. good ol' fire alarms!
    A blessing and a curse!

  4. Sucks about the fire alarm

    I can't wait for the 360 version of Minecraft

  5. I think I read a blog of someone else that lives in your building, that's too funny!
    Following your blog.
    -Ryan (