Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun Dota match to start my day

I played some Dota this morning before classes. I took Leoric and went bot with Jakiro. We were against a solo Juggernaut. This guy didn't know how to play very well/made mistakes, so we got first blood. Basically we stomped all over this team, but my favorite part was in the end when we were killing the World Tree. I was chasing a guy that I had just thrown my stun at, and suddenly their Tiny blinks in and tosses me into their fountain. I had roshed for the lolz, so I enjoyed watching the enemy trying unsuccessfully to kill me.
Tl;dr/Non-Dota savvy: I was protected from death 2 times because of my hero's ultimate ability and an item, so I enjoyed not dying in the end of the game when they thought they could of killed me: Here's a short video:

Available in HD!