Thursday, February 2, 2012


WarRock is a free first person shooter. I have played it since it was in beta, and even bought a copy of the retail when it came out. Since I was such a loyal player, the game developers rewarded me with extra guns, smoke grenades, and healing kits for free on my account for life. In this game players rent guns rather than owning them. I have recently began to play WarRock again for nostalgic purposes.

If you don't spend real money on this game you won't be able to use as many featured guns and equipment, but I feel like this adds to challenge. Lastly this game is probably one of the most hacked FPS games in existence. If you can frequently win at this game without paying money or hacking, count yourself to be a skilled FPS player.

Story time: I was playing the other night and I had a hacker on my team. Despite our efforts to vote kick him out of the game he remained. We were playing in Close Quarters Combat explosive mode where each time has to win a set number of rounds to win the match. We were on the final round that would decide if we won or lost the match. Our team had all died except for me (yes it is possible to kill hackers... sometimes). I saw an enemy, and immediately started firing. He returned fire. I almost died, but then my hacker teammate began using his hacks to auto-heal me, so fast that my health bar never depleted. I ran into the enemies, full bear mode and just massacred everybody. We won. Probably one of the most hilarious victories I've had in that game.


  1. for free it looks pretty good, ill have to try it out

  2. I don't really like unbalanced cash shops, this sounds like one - I apologise, but, just, no. :)

  3. Sounds a lot like Combat in Arms. I am always up for a free FPS

  4. nice win. sounds like a cool game, I'll have to check it out