Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On a Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, world. You're wrong if you think nobody loves you, because if you're reading this, I love you.
I'm having a pretty nice day. My mom sent me cookies, yummy. Classes weren't too bad today even though I didn't get good sleep last night. I still feel like I have a lot of homework to do so I don't know if I'll find time to work on my my Mincraft project.
My Valentine-grams were delivered. It was funny, my roommate was confused at first. Another guy on my floor had the same idea as me, but he wrote his name on the cards, so it was my cards that were more confusing. Unfortunately, most people were able to recognize me handwriting. The funny thing was my roommate was they one who couldn't recognize my handwriting, when we live with each other, so it's kind of ironic.

Hope you all have a happy day. Peace out for now.