Monday, February 6, 2012

Dota- Fun with axe

I just played a game with Axe, a hero I don't play a lot. I started off doing really well (5/0/3) but then lost momentum and we eventually lost. Here's the highlight reel:
I'm Axe (the red guy, if you don't play Dota). I'm laning against Naix and Sven. My ally is gone. After my creep wave dies, Naix moves uses Open Wounds on me, which begins to slow me. Sven follows up with Storm Bolt, stunning me. Axe has a passive move called Counter-Helix that has a chance to cause him to deal damage to enemies around him when he gets attacked, even when he's stunned. In this video I am almost killed by both of the enemies, but instead I turn the tide and kill one of them. (Axe's ultimate instantly kills an enemy if their HP is low enough). Here's a video! (Slowed to half speed)

Things like are the reasons I still have fun even if I lose the game in Dota.

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