Monday, February 13, 2012

Dodgeballs and togas

Well it's Monday. Luckily I had a good weekend. Saturday night I played dodgeball with some friends representing our dorm hall. Our team name was "The Short shorts". I do not own any short pairs of shorts, so my friend loaned me an extra short pair. I struggled to put them on while we were running to the rec center minutes before the event was about to start.

We learned there was an opposing team of smurfs, in the sense of the word used for describing players, usually in video games, who are very experienced but make new accounts in order to get into games with lower leveled (and therefore less experienced) players. In this case it was a group of dodgeball players that were in the dodgeball club at our school and picked the name "First Timers".

We learned this after losing to them in the semi final round. We ended up securing a third place victory for our hall. While disappointing, it was still nice that we actually placed in the top 3 and got a trophy. We had the idea of drinking from the trophy, but this failed due to poor design.
Later that night I had the pleasure of going to a toga party and learned how much fun it can be to shout the word "toga" in a crowded room. Especially in my case, because I arrived sans-toga. A guy approached me, introduced himself as Tom and asked:
"Where's your toga dude?!"
"Um I didn't bring one"
"Go steal a bedsheet off of a bed or something man"
"Yea, look there's one over there"

And then I rocked a fitted bed sheet with 2 safety pins and a clip. I later learned it was not only Tom's birthday, but also his house.

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  1. Haha, smurfs... It's incredibly fun to be a smurf.

    (fo11ow me back plz, anon?)