Friday, February 17, 2012

Minecraft: Underwater Fortress update

I have finally finished laying the foundation of my fortress. When it's done I hope to have walls made out of glass on all sides of it, so you can can see the water on all sides of it. I'm just finishing up putting the roof on it. I used a bucket of lava to speed up this process. Lava creates stone when it flows into water, so I recycled the same lava-generating block in this process that lets me turn the water into stone on the top of my fortress. Here are some screen shots:

Still have a little more to go, and then I'm going to have to drain the water out of it! :O

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a good week. :)


  1. That's actually pretty awesome, whenever I try to do that it's either a hit and miss for me. I either get cobblestone, or worse - obsidian.

    1. Haha yeah, sometimes I screwed up and got obsidian. I think the secret us to let the lava block flow into the water, not put the actual lava block down into the water. Obsidian is annoying because it can take a while to remove. It's like 2 minutes with anything besides a diamond pickaxe which still takes 10 seconds to remove it at that point.