Sunday, February 12, 2012

Minecraft project

I was thinking about what would be fun to build next in the land of virtual legos when my friend challenged me to build a large underwater fortress. I loved the idea, so I wandered around looking for some of the deepest water I could find. Finally a found a good sized, fairly deep spot. Turns out building walls deep in the water with a limited supply of oxygen (so you have to resurface every 10 or so blocks you lay) can certainly take some time! When I explained this dilemma to my roommate he gave me a wonderful tip:
You can make air pockets by putting ladders under water. The game can only have one thing occupy any block at a time, so voila a little cube where you can get air again is created! It definitely aided me in my struggle to build the foundation for my fortress. 

The picture is pretty difficult to see but it's me sitting in an air bubble/pocket I made with a ladder underwater with part of my foundation in the background. More pics of the fortress to follow when I finally get it built! I'm thinking about using glass on all the walls so I can see out through it :O

Finally on a totally unrelated note here is a picture I found on the interwebz that made me lol:


  1. good luck with your mine craft project :)

  2. If only I played more mine craft, I'm horrible at it. I'm no good at building or making redstone circuits etc.

  3. I never really thought of that, but don't ladders come off once you put them in the water? They did for me.