Sunday, February 5, 2012

Moar Minecraft

I've spent most of the day playing Dota with my roommate and messing around on minecraft. That is aside from the quick trip down to the lounge where they were having the Super Bowl party. Got some pizza, chips, cookies, and soda and then GTFO'd with my roommate to go play more Dota. He is getting better at Dota which makes me proud. He mostly plays Drow Ranger, Broodmother, and Juggernaut.

I built this little lava/water fountain tower thing today. It was fun, even though I realised quickly how such a simple project like this can require a lot of trouble shooting, especially when you accidentally smash the glass that separates your water and lava blocks -- causing the water to douse the lava out and forcing you to go get more!
I also built a portal to the nether, and started a little cozy house. It's fun learning more about this creative game.


  1. that house does indeed look cozy

  2. I love virtual spaces but I haven't tried Minecraft yet. This may get me going. Thanks! Following you now!