Monday, February 27, 2012

Lacking motivation

I remember a constant feeling I had last year, when I was a senior in high school. It was the feeling of senioritis which is characterized by lack of motivation in any schoolwork when you are in the final year of your high school education. I had felt like I had been moved along through the public school's digestive tract of education, and finally ready to exit the bowels.

With this feeling however, I looked forward to new things. I looked forward to a brighter future. Now I look at myself. I see myself again in college, disinterested in a lot of my studies again, and feeling like my purpose is to jump through an even longer series of hoops. But I am no longer a senior, I am a freshman again, and once again I have another 4 years ahead of me.

I wouldn't say I'm depressed, I am still enjoying video games and spending time with friends, but I feel like I'm just less and less motivated to do well in school. I always go to all of my classes, I always do all of my homework, but when it comes to studying I am weak. Unfortunately, this had led to me earning less than the class average in the majority of my midterms. I am barely passing multiple classes with Cs.

I want to feel inspired about learning again. I want to have passion and a drive, and a thirst for knowledge. But sadly it appears that I won't see that again in my near future for quite some time.

That or it could just be because it's a Monday.
(But probably not)


  1. I felt senioritis halfway through my sophomore year. As a college freshmen I'm still dealing with it as well. I know that feeling, man.

  2. I had that for the last half of my grade 11 year and all the way through senior year. I was like "WTF is happening to me?!?" My grades went down but not TOO much but I pulled through in the end.

    You don't have to feel inspired about learning because everyone is learning all the time! The learning process does not stop till the day you die.

  3. I didnt have motivation to finnish school. I quited it.

  4. I feel senioritis all through life :D
    -Ryan (

  5. Gotta find something you enjoy doing man.